About Lodge Leven St John 170

Lodge Leven St John No. 170 was constituted in 1788 under a travelling charter from The Grand Lodge of Scotland. Please follow the 'Our Lodge History'  link to find out more details.

Also, please follow the 'Influential Member's'  link to discover the significance of some of our important and influential lodge members such as Brother A. S. MacBribe (PM) who had involvement with:

  1. The history of the Lodge;
  2. The special degree rituals and ceremonies written by A.S. McBride and conferred by our lodge (and others McBride lodges worldwide); 
  3. The early history of Scottish football and the SFA; and
  4. Preserving the Gaelic culture and its literature.

Finally, our regular meetings are held on the 4th Friday in August and the 2nd and 4th Friday's in January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November and December, at 19:30 in the Masonic Temple, Alexander Street, Renton, G82 4LT.  Please follow the 'Syllabus'  link for further details of the meetings; the degree being conferred; and any specific notes relating to the meetings taking place.