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Sat, 18th August 2018, 5:10pm (Sat, 18th August 2018, 11:10am UTC-6)

Just finished reading "Speculative Masonry" by A.S. McBride, very informative and inspiring to me, as our lodge education is more about our Grand Lodge rules and ceremony than the true meaning and purpose of building that "Spiritual Building Not Made with Hands". The message is as relevant and timeless as when Brother McBride gave these lectures.
Thanks to those that produced this book to share Bro. McBride's work with the world.
Bro. James Mashburn, P.M.
West Pensacola #296

James Mashburn, P.M. West Pensacola lodge#296 Pensacola, FL USA

Tue, 31st October 2017, 9:49am

Looking forward to the 1st degree demonstration at Hyde Masonic Hall on the 4th.

WB Denis Parfitt

Sat, 25th March 2017, 8:05pm

Earlier on today I attended the Centenary Rededication Ceremony of the Leven St. John Royal Arch Chapter No. 411 which was held in your lodge premises.
I was very impressed by the display cases in the foyer which led me to search for your website and learn more about the lodge. Again I am impressed and fully intend to visit in the future.
Probably more importantly when seated upstairs in the refectory room I made the acquaintance of a number of companions of the chapter who I believe are also brethren of the lodge so thank you to Noel, Archie and Ian for making me feel so very welcome this afternoon, it was a delight to be in your company.

Allan Barr, Grand Superintendent, Stirling & Clackmannan,
P.M. Lodge St. John Slamannan No. 484.

Allan Barr

Sat, 18th February 2017, 5:07pm

Glancing through your site I see you visit a Lodge in Germany, and noticed its 20 min from my friends in Germany from a place called Dorsten
Our JW is of German Decent Tony Kerweiss would love to know when or if they are coming over soon ?

Waiting on some word from your webmaster about your fantastic FC to bring along some young brethren to witness it.

Fraternal Greeting

Ricky Niven PM 1207

Richard Niven

Tue, 4th October 2016, 10:28pm

Hello, thank you for considering my post. I'm trying to track down family members as I have some very old photographs to share. My late great grandfather was from Helensburgh,23 Baird avenue...he was a member of your lodge possibly in the 1920's to 50's..I inherited his regalia. The family travelled in America His name was Tom Mcguire. His son, my (beloved) grandfather was Samuel McGuire (MK0) whos sister is is Jean McGuire from Helensburgh. All the very best, Lisa (

Lisa McGuire