1900's to Present day




23 May 1903

The lodge's remaining debt to its members was cleared and the hall became the sole property of Lodge Leven St John


The lodge circular of the time outlined - "You are no doubt aware that the original plans were considerably curtailed at the time of erection, through the laudable desire to avoid a burden greater than the lodge could carry" and having liquidated the debt then incurred "the time has now arrived, in the opinions of the trustees, for an effort to complete the building". The members were once again asked to say how many £1 shares the could each take up to a total sum of £1000. This circular was signed by no other than Brother A. S. MacBride

During the re-development work lodge meetings were held in Dumbarton Kilwinning, No 18 and consistent with the construction of the original hall the re-development work was undertaken by the voluntary contributions of the members

20 Nov 1915

With the absence of the Provincial Grand Master due to the Great war, Brother MacBride was invited by the trustees to formally open the re-developed lodge building


All the expenses from the construction and re-development of the lodge had been repaid to the stakeholders and members and included any interest incurred during the period. Therefore once again the hall at Renton was the sole property of Lodge Leven St John


The lodge accepted the offer from Past Master Colin Sinclair to supply new pillars in 3/16" sheet steel, these were erected at the cost of the materials alone


During the time of the trade depression many members were without work. Past Master Colin Sinclair formed a working party at the hall and from wood obtained by the Trustees, 20 folding tables were constructed


With the closing of the Bellahouston Exhibition some rubber matting/flooring was purchased for a small fee. Once again the members volunteered their services to scrub the flooring. (In 1963 this matting was "still very serviceable")

At the same time two trustees whilst looking for floor coverings in a shipbreaker's yard, saw some panels being disposed of, these were duly purchased and arrangements made for their erection in the new lodge vestibule


Further alterations to the building interior (upper rooms) were completed